How Technology is helping us in our fight with Corona virus?

May 1, 2020   |   by Kishore Kumar Boddu

Latest Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Drones, Face Recognition, Chatbot and Block Chain are all contributing to the fight against the fast-spreading corona virus.Embedded Systems is an important part of the above all technologies. Let’s see the various solutions which are under development already, as part of the fight against COVID-19 situation to boost our love for Technology.

  • Contact less temperature detection:

Take temperature measurements from a safe distance with Fluke infrared thermometer. It is going to be a very basic but mandatory requirement at the entry or exit of many places where people are going to gather.

  • Face Recognition:

Face Recognition Technology is being used in surveillance systems that can recognize people, even while they are wearing masks, with a relatively high degree of accuracy. Facial recognition companies are pitching the technology as a sanitary alternative to fingerprint scanners for attendance systems.

  • Robots:

Robots can deliver food and medicine to patients. Also can be used for sanitisation of hospitals, offices or malls without human intervention.

  • Drones:

Drones are being used for contactless medicine delivery, spraying disinfectants around the country, especially in quarantine zones.

  • Chatbots

To provide genuine information from a valid source on which people can rely so that fake news can be avoided.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain could offer ways to improve many public health activities associated with preventing and controlling diseases. Blockchain technology has the ability to improve health, access to information, supply chains and many more.

Glad to say, almost all of these solutions involve Embedded Systems as the main technology.

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