Embedded Systems Prerequisites

May 4, 2020   |   by Kishore Kumar Boddu

Embedded Software

  • C Programming Skills (Function, Pointers, Arrays, and Structures, Bit-wise operations should be your best friends). Master C programming skill. This is the most essential skill for the ECE students today. Without this skill you will find it difficult to enter into electronics core companies.
  • Embedded C Programming (Microcontroller Programming)
  • Operating Systems Concepts (Process Management, File Management, Memory Management, Inter Process Communication)
  • Linux Basics/Commands
  • Work on Community development boards.


  • C in Depth by Srivastava and The C Programming Language by K & R
  • Operating System Concepts (book) by Galvin

Embedded Hardware

  • Computer Organization (Microprocessor,  Microcontroller)
    • I/O Organization (Polling, Interrupt, DMA)
    • Memory Organization (Memory Hierarchy, cache Memory, MMU, Virtual Memory)
  • Understand the Digital Circuit thoroughly from AND, OR, NOT gates to Microprocessors.


  • Computer organization by Morris Mano
  • Digital Systems by Morris Mano
  • 8086 microprocessor interfacing

Project Work:

Buy a Community development board and apply the C programming skill to do good electronic projects by yourself without copying a single line of code from net/book/friends.

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