Blended Learning Mode – Advantages

May 11, 2023   |   by Kishore Kumar Boddu

Kernel Masters offers a Blended Learning mode to their students for Embedded Systems courses.

What is a Blended Learning Mode?

Blended Learning mode integrates virtual or recorded and physical classroom modes of teaching. We can make efficient usage of time and resources with the help of technology. This approach is gaining popularity over corporates and universities.

How does it work at Kernel Masters?

In Blended mode, the 6 months fresher course contains:

  • 30% recorded videos
  • 30% classroom sessions
  • 40% lab sessions

Recorded Videos: pre-requisites that are expected to know already, are covered in the course in the form of recorded videos, along with some theoretical sessions.

Recorded videos can be played in the classroom, just like normal sessions.After every recorded session, the instructor will explain the summary of the session and discuss the doubts or important points.

Some videos can be given to be watched at home, before starting a new topic, so that student gains some idea before attending actual class. This will help the student to watch the video multiple times and gain some understanding when the topic is complex.

The videos are recorded while our instructors were teaching in the same classroom environment.

They won’t be available to outsiders, the videos are the proprietary property of Kernel Masters.

Classroom Sessions:

30% of the syllabus is covered in classrooms, physically by the instructor.

LAB Sessions:

Everyday there will be 2 hours of classroom and 6 hours of lab sessions.

For every topic, we have a set of well-designed assignments to make the topic more understandable. The assignments are prepared in such a way that at the end of the day, they get complete understanding of the topic.

The assignments will be discussed in the classroom in following classes, whenever necessary to suggest the best approach to solve it.

Why Blended Learning ?

The entire world is moving towards a smart work life. Through Blended Learning, we are also trying to make smart and efficient usage of the instructor’s time.

The training is a 6 months duration course, with a lot of syllabus to cover. We have to cover pre-requisites and basics also, to bring everyone to the same level before starting the actual syllabus.

In Blended Learning mode, we can save the instructor’s energy, so that he/she gets to spend more time on the actual topics, doubts and on the lab issues instead of spending time on teaching the same theory for every batch. This will ensure a better learning experience for the students.

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