Which branch to choose in Engineering?

November 5, 2020   |   by Kishore Kumar Boddu

Which course should be opted in Engineering?

To all the students who are looking forward to take Engineering admission, and to their parents, we would like to give some suggestions about branch selection.

There is no doubt that every student’s first choice is Computer Science only.But, to bring awareness in students, about the enormous opportunities provided by electronics field and about its importance and to encourage them to choose Electronics field, is the main agenda of this blog post.

Why is there so much demand for Computer Science Engineering?

Due to the salaries and lifestyle provided by software industry, not only the students, their parents are also attracted to this field.

Nowadays situation has become such that, job means only software engineer job, engineering means only computer engineering, nothing else is considered good.

As lot of people compete for Software Engineering jobs, only few of them get proper development opportunities.Remaining candidates just end up doing maintenance & support kind of jobs with no proper career growth.

What is the importance of Electronics branch in Engineering?

Nowadays mobile phone has become the basic necessity of human life along with food, clothes and shelter.

We cant imagine life without smart phone.

We cant find a house without atleast one electronic device. There will be atleast a TV and a Set top box to say minimum.

How are these electronic devices made?

Electronic core fields like Embedded Systems & VLSI design and manufacturing fields are the ,main reason that we have all these devices.

Electronics field is no way inferior to Software field in terms of Job opportunities.

Most of the Electronics students are not aware of the opportunities provided by Electronics field, so they are either choosing Software field or moving on to higher studies etc.

As long as the situation is like this, we will have to import every electronics device that we need, from other countries like China or Japan.Make In India can never become reality.

What are the new courses added to Computer science branch, and what are the consequences of adding them?

In this academic year (2020-2021), 6 new engineering courses were added to the computer science department.

Those are

  • Computer Science Engineering – Software Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Computer Science Engineering – Data Science
  • Computer Science Engineering – Cyber Security
  • Computer Science Engineering – Internet of Things
  • Computer Science Engineering – Networks

Most of the subjects in these courses are taken from the Computer Science Standard Curriculum.They should have been added as Specialisations in M.Tech instead of adding as new branches in B.Tech.

Because of adding these new branches in B.Tech, approximately 19000 new seats got added to Computer Science department alone.Because of the increased seats, most of the students will opt for Computers branches, which will effect core fields like Electronics Civil, Mechanical etc.

As these core fields get effected as no one is opting for them, the technology advancements in these fields will be hindered.If you see countries like China or Japan, they are technologically very advanced.

Why are these countries so developed? Because they give equal importance to all core fields, not just one field. That is why now they are in a stage to manufacture anything on their own and export it to other countries.

Because of the newly added seats in computer science department, all students will tend to choose Computer science branch only.

But we need to understand that increase of seats in a particular field does not mean increase in job opportunities. It means competition is increasing in that field.

One more thing is, technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are no doubt in demand, but these technologies have to be used in electronic devices only.So inorder to use these advanced technologies, we will require electronics basic knowledge.

Which means, Electronics field will continue to provide job opportunities and there will be demand for skilled resources.

So is it right that everyone chooses software field, leaving such an evergreen field like Electronics?

What I want to tell to students and their parents is,choose the field which provides good job opportunities, growth in career along with good salaries and job satisfaction. Choose Electronics Core field.

Let us together pledge to save the electronics core field branches like ECE & EEE. And make “Make In India” possible.

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  1. Dr charmy

    November 18, 2020 @ 2:40 am

    Absolutely true. This way engineering equilibrium will disturb and hence society get disturbed.
    Growth of electronics is high and even government is giving lots of grant to promot start up- electronics industries- in the section under ” ATMANIRBHAY BHARAT”

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