COVID-19 Updates & Career Opportunities

May 1, 2020   |   by Kishore Kumar Boddu

1. Some Insights on the current situation of COVID-19

Life is the most precious gift. And the most valuable resource is time. Fortunately all of us have both of them right now. We have plenty of time that we can utilize in a productive way to lead our lives into a brighter future.

We live in a society where the safety of every life is of utmost importance to everyone else. Only we happened to realize it recently. It is a kind of positive change that happened because of COVID-19. However the responsibility to keep ourselves safe from the Pandemic lies in our own hands. We can do so by engaging ourselves in some activities which will help us to move towards a sustainable career by staying indoors safely.

The situation has brought many tragedies, but in a way it has also done some good to the nature and also to our lives. Now all we have to do is to stay safe,keep the good changes, come out of this situation clean & Healthy along with our near & dear ones. While we are doing this, it is also a good chance for us to prepare for a better future.

2. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Do not Panic!

By PANIC, we mean the fear of future. What will be the situation after the lockdown? The Corona Virus Pandemic has affected many developed & Developing countries and it has hit them in a really bad way. The countries will take some time to come out of the financial crisis caused by the present situation and the loses incurred by the companies is also huge. All this negativity is going to hit the job market and we might face some difficulties, which might be called by the dreaded name “RECESSION”.

However, my suggestion is , DO NOT PANIC. Be POSITIVE. Every Crisis brings some opportunities too, we only have to identify and grab on time. Especially there is a lot of scope for Embedded Solutions in health industry right now and in coming future.

Students from the upcoming pass out years must be in a blank state of mind, currently, with absolutely no idea about what is going to happen once they are out. It is not my intention to give some future predictions but we would give some suggestions using which, students will have some direction to think in and to seek guidance from someone at least. We have some suggestions for them to cope with this situation.

3. Career Opportunities

  • Will the Embedded Industry remain same before and after COVID-19 crisis?
  • I am a ECE 2019/2020 graduate? What opportunities can I expect after COVID-19 crisis?
  • How to utilize the lockdown period and get ready for the Industry past COVID-19?

These are some questions that must be running in the heads of the Engineering graduates right now.It is Universal Truth that Right Skill and Hard work will never go waste. Even if the world is at a crisis right now, it has to still run.

There will be companies, Industries and jobs. But the numbers might be slightly less compared to the situation before. But they will never be ZERO. This means there will be more competition, which in turn becomes more demand for the right skillset.

Hiring is not going to stop. But hiring will be based on worth of the candidate, because there will be more number of candidates available per position. So your job as a student during this time will be to increase your WORTH.

The COVID-19 situation has actually opened doors to new possibilities in technologies like Artificial intelligence, Block Chain, Embedded Systems etc.

Right now there is huge requirement for Innovative products to deal with this crisis in a better way, in the Health Industry. For example Ventilators, contact less temperature sensors, COVID-19 patient data tracking systems etc.

There is also requirement for time & cost effective solutions in development countries like India. Which brings in greater opportunities for Open Source Technologies. For example, there is a sudden demand for ventilators due to Corona virus disease spread, but there is not enough supply. As a quick solution, Open Source Ventilator development is one of the ongoing projects.

COVID-19 Will Fuel the Next Wave of Innovation

quoted from an article by Mr.Hamza Mudassir

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